And to All a Good Night

There are times in life when the best thing you can do is just sit back, relax, and enjoy the world around you.  A time to appreciate the things you have, the people you love, the benefits you’ve earned, and nothing else.  A time to put all the worries of the world away for just a moment, and just smile.

Today is one of those days.

With that said, we at the Chico Tea Party want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  May this day bring you all joy and peace.

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Budgets, Budgets Everywhere and Not a Buck to Spare

From the Tea Party Patriots

Without a well defined plan, how can the American people trust Congress to make the right decisions to curb the overspending, eliminate the deficit, and begin to pay down our massive debt of $14.4 trillion and counting?

President of the United States displayed that he refuses to put forth an actual plan, written down, in detail, to keep our country from barreling off of a cliff.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives proposed a debt ceiling plan that calls for just over $1 Trillion in deficit reduction over the next 10 years in exchange for an immediate increase in the debt ceiling. In other words, he is willing to cave and give the President a debt ceiling increase in exchange for a promise of cuts over the course of 10 years that are not defined, that WILL NOT eliminate the deficit, that WILL increase our national debt, and will still risk a downgrade of our credit rating. We’ve heard it all before: more current spending in exchange for future promises. The American People are tired of broken promises.

Today on Capitol Hill many supporters of the President in, response to his call to action last night, are pummeling congressional offices with phone calls to let them know to continue with the unsustainable status quo, to raise taxes, and keep feeding the beast. We MUST respond to this and show Congress how the majority of Americans feel.

The mask is off, the curtain drawn back – we have a FAILURE OF LEADERSHIP, in both parties.

Click Here to Submit a Performance Review of Congress


This is no longer about Democrats or Republicans. This is about the future of America. The current crop of politicians have ZERO credibility when it comes to promising to cut spending. Their political careers are more important than their service to their country and those they represent.

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From Out of the Ashes We Find Strength in Resilience

September 11th, 2001 was a day that started off just like any other, but ended as a day that shook the foundation of our country.

We watched, horror-stricken, as the towers crashed to the ground.  We watched the smoke and the ash cloud New York City in a haze of devastation.  We saw the gutted black streak that jutted through the Pentagon, nothing but smoke, fire and death. We saw the frightened, desperate looks of the people who went searching for their loved ones who they hadn’t heard from in far too long, and the firefighters, service men and volunteers who fought to save them.  Some were found alive.  Many were not found at all.

That day forever changed the American soul, and left a scar on our hearts that we will carry as a reminder of that day forever.

Thousands of lives were lost, and the nation cried out for retribution. This injustice would not stand.  We could not let our fellow Americans die in vain.  We would fight against the evil that shook the country so that no other person would know the terror that we now knew.  We took up arms to protect freedom, democracy, and our way of life.  Let no one know our tragedies, only to share in our triumphs.  We shall not yield until the treachery of terrorism has been snuffed out forever.

These attacks did not just affect America. Our entire world changed on that day.

It’s been ten years since we first started the war on terror, and for a decade our service men and women have known nothing but conflict.  There are children who know no world other than the Post-9/11 world. We’ve had some great victories, and some hardened challenges, but we remain strong in our faith, in our beliefs, and in our dedication to service and sacrifice.

To those of you in uniform who continue to fight, we thank you for your service.  Truly, you are a testament to the inptrepid American spirit and we are forever in your debt.  To everyone who lost someone in this conflict, and on September 11th, 2001, our hearts go to you.  We will do everything in our power to honor your memory and your sacrifice. We owe you a great debt of gratitude.

As the world continues to rebuild from September 11th, we must never forget.  We can move forward, progress, rebuild and restore, but we can never, ever forget.  Today we stand on the grounds of our country, dedicated as ever to fighting for freedom, justice and the American way in any capactiy that we can.

From out of the ashes of that day one decade ago we rose, and today we are still as strong, as mighty, and as glorious as we ever were.  Our fighting spirit lives on, our American courage roars, and we will continue to take arms against injustice for as long as injustice means to challenge us…and we will continue to win.

On behalf of the Chico, California Tea Party we still remember, and we always will.

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A Call to Action – $top the Madness


Do you want to know how The President, Senate, and House of Representatives could save the day and restore confidence in the American people now by passing legislation to Ensure the Full Faith and Credit of the United States? Let me explain.

Over the past several weeks the political posturing in Washington has run rampant. The House has presented several bills to address the problem (though none of them go far enough in addressing the spending problem now), the Senate has done nothing, and the President has given speeches – - misrepresenting the truth to incite fear in the hearts of Americans to try to get his way.

We say the time for this immature behavior is over. Washington keeps talking about solutions, yet their actions and the bills that they write come nowhere near addressing the problem. This is the final straw. Both sides keep pointing fingers saying the other side is the problem. All the while the American people are pointing at both parties saying, “You are both the problem!”

Make no mistake, this is a crisis! We have a President and Senate who clearly care more about political gain than the will of the American people. The House of Representatives keeps proposing resolutions that do nothing but push the problem further down the road. The time for pandering to political party is over. The time for listening to the will of the American people is now.

The common ground in this debate is to protect the Full Faith and Credit of the United States. The American people believe that in order to do this the government has to pay the interest on the debt, has to stop using retirees, veterans, and the military as political pawns, and they have to make significant cuts in spending now to alter the course of the spending binge that Washington is having trouble breaking. This will not be easy, but it is necessary for the future of our nation.

To the President, to the Senate, and to the House of Representatives  - if you really care about protecting the Full Faith and Credit of the United States, you must first take steps to prove that you care about regaining the Full Faith and Credit of the American people.

Step 1  Pass the Ensuring the Full Faith and Credit of the United States and Protecting America’s Soldiers and Seniors Act.

Step 2 - Significantly cut spending now; not over 10 years – - 10 year spending cuts are meaningless and never come to fruition.

Step 3 - Stop talking about how much you are “reducing the deficit” and start ELIMINATING the deficit.

Step 4 - Do Not Raise the Debt Ceiling

Step 5 - Stop spending more money than you take in.

Step 6 - Stop playing for your party’s team and start playing for the American people.

Tea Party Patriots - Call your Representatives and Senators today. Tell them that the Boehner plan does not go far enough (it nearly doubles the national debt in 10 years), and you want them to start taking steps to restore the Full Faith and Credit of the American people and to protect the Full Faith and Credit of the United States.

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What Are You Going to Do, Now That You’re Not Paying Debt?

You know, someone’s going to turn the lights off around here if you don’t start paying something…

From iCaucusTV on YouTube:
President Obama, what exactly will you choose to pay? What are your priorities?

If you’re not going to pay our $17 billion average monthly debt…with 10 times that amount of money on hand to do so…well then, what are you going to spend that money on? Can you tell us what you and Secretary Geithner could possibly see as more important than avoiding default on our debt obligations?

And if you’re not going to pay the $93 billion promised to Social Security and medicare recipients in August, when you will have twice that much money on hand, then who are you going to give that money to instead? Who exactly do you think is more important than our senior citizens?

If you’re not going to pay for the war you unilaterally launched in Libya, or the war you expanded in Afghanistan; and you’re not going to pay our armed forces who are defending our country, and you’re not going to pay our air traffic controllers…even though you will have plenty of funds on hand to do so…then what are you going to spend that $61 billion on instead?

America knows that it’s going to be your choice where to spend the money, so this is the only questions we want to know from you: Tell us what your priorities are. America demands and deserves nothing less from our chief executive officer.

Where’s that money going to go each and every month?

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“Raise the Roof”? How About “How Low Can You Go”?


milking the debt

The Senate will vote on Cut, Cap, and Balance on Saturday. In the meantime, there are 2 other plans we need to watch carefully and take action on: the McConnell plan and the Gang of Six plan. Both plans will raise the debt ceiling.

The McConnell plan does so without forcing any spending cuts at all and by allowing Congress to abdicate its duty to the President.  Rep. Joe Walsh has written a letter objecting to this plan as have over 80 Congressmen who have co-signed the letter. He needs at least 121 to sign it.

The Gang of Six plan is still mostly bullet points and there is no supporting legislation for it yet.  Here is Rep. Paul Ryan’s analysis of it so far.

We need you to take 3 actions today:

1.   Call both of your Senators and tell them to vote NO on both the McConnell plan and the Gang of Six plan. In both offices, ask how the Senator intends to vote. If you cannot get through to the DC office, call one of the local offices in your state.

2.   Call your Republican Congressman and ask whether the Congressman has co-signed Congressman Walsh’s letter yet. If not, ask when they intend to do so. If you cannot get through to the DC office, call one of the local offices in your state.

3.  Report back to us at and let us know how each Senator intends to vote and whether the Republican Congressmen will co-sign Congressman Walsh’s letter.

National Coordinators Diana Reimer and Jenny Beth Martin are headed to DC.  As they learn more about any potential deal, set dates for votes, and other information you might find useful, they will work with the TPP support to update our Facebook page with the latest information.  Watch for updates on our Facebook page and more importantly watch for questions where we want your input so Diana and Jenny Beth can accurately reflect it to those who ask on Capitol Hill. 

Together we will stand firm against a debt ceiling increase and our core values. Together we will return this country to citizen-driven government.

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Words From the Wise: Here We Go A’Redistricting

Hi Folks!  Penny Here.  Welcome to the segment “Words from the wise”, where letters sent to me are displayed here for like-minded people to read, agree and respond.  It’s synergistic, and necessary, that we keep the same messages flowing, lest our voices be drowned in a sea of indiference.  Do you have a letter you’d like to distribute?  Send it to and I’ll get your voice out as well.
~Penny McPatriot

This one is called “Here We Go A’Redistricting” by an anonymous author.

“Isn’t it ironic how many letters recently published by the ER contain pleas from Chico City residents to our Butte County Supervisors to stop the County’s non-partisan redistricting process and wait for City residents input.  Surly they jest!

Was it not these same City residents who without forethought of their own,  and based solely on information provided by a has-been supervisor, her Democratic Strategist husband and our “don’t you stir up trouble” city mayor that rejected any discussion that might have taken place had city and county elections been held during the spring?  Oh my, can’t do that; that would be disenfranchising the students and those bused in from other CA cities to help them defeat any non-progressive running for City council.

Now they cry “hold off”, you don’t have to put redistricting into place until November…when the students will be back.  We can then manipulate them, ’cause they only know what we tell them and they can make up our signs and chant our slogans and we will repay them with pizza and beer and they will be happy!

Just a bit disingenuous don’t ya think?”

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